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Kids and families

For children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.

(Fred Rogers)


Special experiences for special people

Kids aren’t simply small people, but EXTRA-ORDINARY creatures, as every parent knows.

That’s why by choosing one or more kids tours is meaning design your holiday around them, for an experience they won’t forget.

I attended some workshops to get specialized in kids tour, and I have a long experience with kids.

Learning and get fun

With a game book or some playful material, discovering Rome becomes a funny experience for kids and for parents.

Myths, funny facts and interesting anectodes turn an educative tour into WONDERFUL educative tour.



Time to learn, time to get fun, time to rest

Kids tours aren’t only hard work, but even some spare time to get rest, while the parents can take advantage of the guide to ask some questions.

Have quality time with your family

Holidays are a great moment to strenghten the bond among the family members.

Little challenges, archaeological treasure hunts, riddles and puns, learning funny words in latin and italian: you all will be enriched by youor roman holiday.